The best advice to someone moving to south east London

Many people said that they would warn people to move with a ULEZ friendly car.

Others said to save up to be able to afford London prices or to be wary of crime in the area.

However, many people also said that they love south east London and would urge anyone they knew to make the move.

When asked the question of what advice he would give to someone moving to south east London, Wayne Fright took the approach of warning someone about crime in the area.

He said: “Get good life insurance.”

Sean Flanagan added: “Get used to the sirens.”

Michael Burgess warned: “Try not to go out in the streets alone at night.”

Louise Fruitella Grover added: “Take out a good life insurance policy.”

Others warned about how expensive the area can be though.

Mike Seal said: “Start saving.”

Lynne Murrison added: “Bring loads of money everything is 5 times as expensive.”

Jay Saunders said: “Try winning the lottery cause you are never going to buy a home otherwise.”

Phil Alger would let people know about the number of one specific shop in south east London.

He said: “Don’t worry about getting a haircut every other shop is a barbers.”

Andy Martin would make sure that someone knew about ULEZ before moving.

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He said: “Make sure your car is ULEZ compliant or bring a few more thousand with you if your foolish enough to stay.”

Grant Jarvis added: “Ensure you have a ULEZ compliant car.”

Stephen Wise gave a shoutout to a part of London he likes, saying: “Live in Thamesmead.”

However, on the opposing side Sue Gmbe said: “Live in Bexley!”

Debra June Povey shared some love for the area and said: “It depends where you are going but the genuine south Londoners are the best.”

David Lovell added: “Never run for a bus or tube, there will always be another shortly.”

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