Local women’s empowerment coach releases debut book ‘Discipline’ after writing it during lockdown

Life has a funny habit of getting in the way of everything from a flourishing business to a satisfying sex life, meaningful relationships and more. Whether it’s customers, clients, business partners, children, friends or complete strangers, the outcome is the same; they all seem to have a habit of blocking the path to satisfaction.

In a unique ‘no holds barred’ take on an age-old message, the sentiment of award-winning Women’s Sexual Empowerment Coach Suzanne Pool’s new book Discipline is clear; anything you want is available to you, but you have to be prepared to do the work.

Discipline is written for women aged 45+ who are bored with their lives. In fact, they’re more likely to be bumping their heads on the glass ceiling than they are the headboard. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, Suzanne’s direct approach is designed to shock the reader and wake them up to what is really going within themselves and around them.

Throughout the book Suzanne, who lives in London, speaks from the heart, having moved from her own barren, celibate, career-dominated life of her 30s to living a fulfilling, adventurous and seriously fun life in her 40’s.  She candidly reveals her story of difficult relationships and her yo-yoing weight. Having been there, done it and overcome it, she is now helping others to achieve the same success that she has, albeit with a bit of tough talk thrown in for good measure. 

Discipline guides the reader through a rigorous but necessary examination of themselves in order to find out who they are, what they want, and how they want to make that happen. After putting a stop to feeling like a victim, operating at the mercy of third parties and seeking validation from other people, Suzanne reveals how they can become their own best friend, finding a new level of trust and confidence in themselves perhaps for the first time ever in their lives. 

“I treat women like the real, powerful humans that we are, not people that have to be patted on the head and coddled,” explains Suzanne. “By answering the questions in this book, engaging in the thinking and putting the learnings into practice, the doors to endless opportunities are unlocked. It just takes discipline.”

DISCIPLINE: A secret code for women in the bedroom, boardroom and beyond 

ISBN: 9781784529253                            

£12.99 / $17.95 / €16.00       

Available to buy now from Amazon.