What is a multinational office like? – Isaac Ziman, Parmiter’s School


There is a stereotype that every office is just layers of white rooms, filled with white desks and bored looking employees. But Skechers was so much more. Every department I visited and every staff member I spoke to gave me more hope for how all offices will look in the future. Everyone seemed so happy to work there, and spoke of all the amazing benefits given for working at Skechers. They were all enthusiastic to tell me about Skechers and the work they did, and everyone seemed passionate about their field. 


For example, on Wednesday I was lucky enough to be at the head office while it was staff appreciation day. In the car park, a fish and chip van pulled in, offering free food to any employees. This was one of the many things that made me think Skechers might be one of the best establishments to work in. Skechers offers 50% discounts for all their employees, as well as being able to leave early the day before a bank holiday. 


I toured around the eight showrooms at the office, and was blown away by the presentation and the design of them. It truly felt like there was a place for everyone at the Skechers office, no matter your field, age or qualifications.


Everyone was very accommodating towards me, and was happy to give up a piece of their time in order to educate me and show me the systems that they had been working with. I spent time with the allocation team, the visual marketing team, the HR and recruitment team and even the front desk. I did a variety of work with them, sat in meetings to get a feel for the daily occurrences there, and helped with jobs that would genuinely influence Skechers stores across the globe. 


Altogether I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Skechers, and I don’t know if there’s any other companies doing it quite the same as Skechers.

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