UK high street: Six shops people really miss in London

Online shopping is a godsend for those of us who can’t be bothered to move from the sofa.

But one place that hasn’t enjoyed the advent of e-commerce is the British high street.

This week, we asked you what shops you would bring back if you could.

And to honour the shopping casualties, we’re revisiting some of the shops that you have sadly had to wave goodbye to. 

Here are a few of your suggestions.

This Is Local London:


Few shops are seared into the memory as clearly as Woolworths.

For many of us, childhood trips to Woolies were the pinnacle of any weekend.

Where else could you eat so many sweets from the pick ‘n’ mix that you felt sick, whilst also picking up some cool new toys or bits of stationary?

Linda Williams said: “Every time I left this shop it was with the original item I wanted plus pick and mix or chocolate.”

Emily Garland said “Woolworths, BHS, C&A- to many to count.”

This Is Local London:


From the 80s right through to the noughties, BHS was your one-stop shop for basically everything, from clothes and bedding to lighting and a cup of tea with your gran.

Unfortunately, a nostalgic look back at BHS tends to be marred by its demise, when it went into administration in 2016 with huge debts and layoffs.

Deborah Sloly said: “Loved BHS, I got all of my wedding outfits there- shoes, bag and hat!

“Great price too.”


A number of people mentioned C&A, known for its affordable clothing and supplying clothes for all ages.

C&A sadly closed all of its 113 UK stores by the year 2001.

This Is Local London:


Back in the day, department store Allders competed with the likes of Debenhams.

Allders was particularly successful in the 90s, after buying several department stores from the Owen Owen group.

Jane Norman

Jane Norman was extremely popular for those growing up in the nineties – every girl wanted one of their iconic carrier bags.

The company went into administration twice, with the first being in 2011 and the second time in 2014.

Although some stores are still open… readers also mentioned HMV.

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