These are the worst roads in Sutton for speeding

READERS have told us which roads in and around Sutton should have a speed camera.

There have been numerous occasions this year where drivers have decided to ignore speed limits.

In some cases, motorists in the county had been caught travelling at speeds up to three times higher than the legal limit.

So recently we asked people on Facebook which roads in Sutton they would like to see a speed camera introduced in.

Below are roads that were mentioned by residents:

1. Gander Green Lane

Gander Green Lane was mentioned several times by our readers, with complaints of the road being used as a rat run.

Sandra Channon said: “It’s so bad between the A217 and A24. We have had people fighting outside our house at the traffic control zooming through and not giving way.”

Another reader agreed with Sandra, she said: “l live near the St Anthony’s end and have been here 33-years.

“It’s now used as a rat run, oh let’s see who can get through the width restrictors the quickest.”

This Is Local London:

2. Wrythe Lane

Wrythe Lane has recently seen dangerous driving after a motorcyclist tragically died following a crash on August 5.

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Neil Forsyth compared the road to a “race track.”

This Is Local London:

3.Bishopsford Road

Readers agreed that reckless drivers are seen quite often on Bishopsford Road.

Sue Walter said: “It’s a death trap waiting to happen. I live down this road and watch idiots driving like maniacs.

“Its awful to watch.”

This Is Local London:

Another reader said: “The cars are always speeding night and day on the top end of Green Wrythe Lane from Bishopsford Road.”

4. Thorton Road

Readers say drivers often speed more than 40mph “despite 20mph painted on the road.”

Tracey Taylor said: “Some nights I lay waiting for the crash, its going to happen, just surprised it hasn’t already.”

In response, another reader said: “You take your life in your hands trying to cross the road or pull out.”

This Is Local London:

5. Hamilton Avenue

Lynn Jackson said: “People zoom down it as a cut through.”

Others also mentioned Hamilton Avenue.

This Is Local London:

6. Downs Road

Jason Hopkins said he would like to see pedestrianisation and tridents only.

This Is Local London:

7. Worcester Park High Street

Our top fan Jackie Walter said: Worcester Park High Street needs a speed camera so that people register that “cars can barely get out of 1st gear.”

This Is Local London:

Other roads that were mentioned by readers include:

8. Throwley Way

10. A237

11. Sutton Common Road

13. Green Wrythe lane

12. Diamond jubilee way

13. Cheam Road

14. Owen Bute Road

15. Thicket Road Sutton

16. Robertsbridge Road

17. Cambridge Road

18. Woodcote Road

19. Stanley Road

20. Tweeddale Road

You can report a road safety issue to Sutton Council here

Have we missed any roads? Tell us what roads near you needs a speed camera in the comment section below.

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