The 10 highest Covid-19 infection rates in south east London

A map revealing the specific neighbourhoods in south east London with the highest rate of Covid-19 infections shows the areas currently

Infection rates have fallen sharply thanks to the effects of lockdown three, making London considerably safer and less of a global hotspot.

The number of new cases being recorded in every local borough was over 3,000 a week, but this has now fallen to under 500, with infection rates dropping from as high as 1,200 to under 200.

But whilst south east London may be trending in the right direction, some local areas are currently safer than others, and others are refusing to go down quite so sharply.

This Is Local London:

The map highlights coronavirus hotspots across by colour coding areas according to the infection rate, using and displaying weekly data.

The data is accurate up until February 16, and shows the infection rate in each area, as well as the number of positive cases and where.

According to the map, the ten worst areas found in Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich are as follows.

1. Slade Green & Crayford Marshes

This Is Local London:

The coronavirus infection rate refusing to fall to levels seen across the rest of the borough, and has the area has even seen the number of new cases in the past week rise to 30.

The area’s rolling Covid-19 rate is 230.1, which is significantly above average for England, and is the highest Bexley, and in south east London.

2. Avery Hill

Close behind is Avery Hill in Greenwich with a Covid-19 rate of 225.5.

The area has also seen a week-on-week rise of 27.3 in the number of new cases (14).

3. Beckenham Hill

Covid rate: 186.8

Total cases: 14 (16.7%)

4. Catford East & Mountsfield Park

Covid rate: 165.5

Total cases: 11 (no change)

5. Barnehurst North

Covid rate: 164.1

Total cases: 13 (down 7.1%)

6. Downham West

Covid rate: 160.8

Total cases: 13 (up 30%)

7. Thamesmead Birchmere

Covid rate: 160.6

Total cases: 12 (up 20%)

8. Woolwich South

Covid rate: 150.0

Total cases: 17 (down 19%)

9. Lesney Farm & Colyers East

Covid rate: 149.7

Total cases: 13 (23.5%)

10. Falconwood

Covid rate: 130.0

Total cases: 12 (no change)

In some areas, fewer than three cases were recorded. Figures for these areas are not released to protect individuals’ identities.

The areas with under three cases per week are:

Greenwich Park Town

Blackheath West

Greenwich and Deptford Creekside

Culverley Green

Telegraph Hill

New Beckenham

Forest Hill West & East

Crofton Park

Hayes South & Coney Hall


Bickley East

Petts Wood

New Eltham

Eltham South

Woolwich Common

Kidbrooke North

Charlton Slopes

There were fewer than 3 cases. For smaller areas (eg MSOAs) with fewer than 3 cases, we do not show data.

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