Piers Corbyn leads anti-lockdown protest in London

Anti-lockdown campaigners marched through London in protest at Government restrictions today ( October 17). 

Led by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, demonstrators chanted “stick your poison vaccine up your arse”, “freedom” and “we are the 99%” as they walked down Oxford Street.

Protesters were seen holding banners which read ‘Covid-19 equals control’, ‘my body my choice’ and ‘scamdemic’. 

Controversial figure Piers Corbyn, who has become known for his anti-lockdown movement, demanded no more lockdowns as he spoke to thousands of protesters this afternoon. 

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The protest comes on the day London was placed in Tier 2 lockdown measures, meaning Londoners are now banned from mixing with people from other households indoors. 

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Under the new restrictions, people can meet in outdoor settings with a maximum of six people. 

Piers Corbyn, who has previously been fined the maximum £10,000 for his anti-lockdown protests, also took part in a demonstration in Soho on Friday night.

“We’re here to drink against the curfew,” he said.

“To oppose the lockdowns, to oppose job losses caused by lockdowns, to oppose all of it.

“The whole lot should be lifted now.”

Commenting on today’s protest, a spokesperson for Met Police said: “Officers have monitored the protest throughout the day ensuring compliance with the risk assessment and where there were any deviations from the risk assessment, officers engaged, explained and encouraged compliance with the regulations.

“Enforcement remains a last resort and, as of 16.45hrs there has been one man arrested on suspicion of assault. He has been taken in to custody.”


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