Coronavirus: London ASDA shoppers worry over empty shelves

ASDA shoppers have shared pictures of supermarket shelves stripped bare this weekend.

Concerned shoppers have taken to Twitter to share photographs showing shelves completely emptied of essential items.

One Twitter user shared photographs of an ASDA in London where cereals seemed in short supply.

Fears of a second wave of coronavirus appear to be fuelling the return of panic-buying.

One person shared pictures on Twitter, writing: “This was my local Tesco!

“People are already panic buying once again! Even though supermarkets do stay open.”

This Is Local London: A picture taken at ASDA in London over the weekendA picture taken at ASDA in London over the weekend

An ASDA shopper said: “This is our ASDA it’s madness and as you say even though they are staying open.”

And another person predicted that “It’s happening again”.

Supermarkets run out of many essentials in the first few days of the Covid crisis back in March, including hand sanitiser, medicines, toilet roll and dried food.

Panic buying led many supermarkets to ration sales or open early for the elderly to try to make sure that people were not left without supplies during lockdown.


But concerns are now rising about a second national lockdown, with some Government scientists arguing that “there is no alternative”.

The Prime Minister is now threatening to “intensify” coronavirus restrictions as he blames the British public for the rise in cases – despite his repeated pleas for people to return to their desks and eat out at pubs and restaurants in a bid to resuscitate Britain’s economy.

Government scientists have spooked Boris Johnson with warnings of hundreds of daily coronavirus deaths ‘within weeks’ as they said: “There is no alternative to a second national lockdown.”

Mr Johnson looks to ditch his Rule of Six and introduce fortnight-long “circuit breakers” nationwide for six months, following claims that it was “inevitable” that a second wave would hit the country last night.

The new approach to get the UK through winter would see it alternate periods of stricter measures, including bans on all social contact between households and shutting down hospitality and leisure venues like bars and restaurants, with intervals of relaxation. Schools will be shut as a “last resort”, a Whitehall source claimed.

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