Businesses fined for breaking lockdown rules in Greenwich

Eleven local Greenwich businesses have been caught breaking the Covid-19 lockdown since January, including several shops, cafés and hair salons.

The businesses have continued to operate non-essential services throughout the latest government lockdown, including allowing customers to have sit-down meals and even get their hair cut.

Greenwich Council say it is cracking down on Covid-19 flouting businesses, and has served 11 prohibition notices to the businesses it has caught.

Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement, said, “Our Environmental Health teams will continue to take action to protect the public and ultimately help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Businesses that wilfully operate without regard for the law or the safety of our residents will face fines being imposed.”

Two businesses, Marcus’ Hair Salon and Yinka café, have both been warned repeatedly by Council COVID-19 stewards to adhere to government lockdown restrictions.

Yinka continued to serve customers sit-down meals and refreshments, while Marcus’ Hair Salon offered haircuts. Both businesses have been served the orders after ignoring these warnings and remaining open.

Greenwich Council, cracking down on Covid-19 flouting businesses. Cell Fone City, Woolwich

Greenwich Council, cracking down on Covid-19 flouting businesses. Cell Fone City, Woolwich

Cell Fone City in Woolwich, was also visited by officers and found to have poor cleaning standards, rendering the premises non-compliant under COVID-19 hygiene requirements (pictured).

The businesses will now be subject to further investigation and may receive Fixed Penalty Notices if they do not comply with restrictions. Officers continue to respond to complaints made by employees and members of the public regarding safety standards in businesses across the borough.

Throughout the pandemic, we continue to work with businesses across the borough providing advice on when and how they can operate safely. The team carries out proactive visits and give advice online. They also respond to concerns raised by residents.

If you are a business or member of the public and have concerns about a business operating in breach of COVID-19 restrictions please contact the team by emailing

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